InvisiPay is the fastest and most convenient way to pay at restaurants.


The problem

COVID accelerated innovation and restaurants were exposed to integrated touchless payment solutions.

While these solutions fixed consumer confidence on health and safety, the restaurant efficiency and profitability weren't their focus.

Our goals

  • Provide the fastest and most convenient way for guests to pay at restaurants
  • Increase efficiencies for the restaurant and their staff
  • Enable more restaurant revenue by turning tables 10-20%% faster

Founding Team

  • Diego Gonzalez Marignac

    Diego Gonzalez Marignac

    Product & Operation

    Creating internet products and running digital companies operations since 2006.

Do you want to work with us?

At InvisiPay, we're creating one of the most transformational consumer experiences of this decade. We want to invite many bright people with diverse backgrounds to join us in this journey.

We believe that the best performing teams are made up of "missionaries - not mercenaries".

We consider that the people who achieve tenure and contribute the most to a company's success have one thing in common: they live the company's mission and make it part of their personal goals. Therefore, as a first principle, we look for people who believe in the company mission and are willing to go above and beyond to contribute to our collective success.

If you are interested in joining our team, we recommend that you apply and that you try to find a common connection who can vouch for you. We look for the "superpower" of each new team member and how it can improve the business and product.

We can’t wait to hear your story!

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